A Crash Course In Turning That Hot “Friend” Into A Hot “Friend With Benefits”

Women Looking For Sex In Pretoria
Women Looking For Sex In Pretoria

Quite a few of us has suffered through the familiar and dreaded state of being stuck in the friend-zone. Especially if this friend has grown into a hot little number, and it seems of lately, all we really have been able to focus on is how our friend would be looking with absolutely nothing on besides some whipped cream.

However, countless of movies as well as relationship experts has testified to the trials and tribulations of crossing over from being that trusted someone who has always been but a phonecall away no matter what time of night, into being the booty-call.

But that is the transition you are looking for. The next time your hot friend calls in the middle of the night, you do not want it to be because they need a shoulder to cry on; no, the next time you want them to be looking for totally different parts of your anatomy.

It is far from impossible to make this transition from the friend-zone to the benefits-zone, but it is a delicate path and it has to be trodden delicately. You need to step out of the shadow of all those common memories and force your friend to see you in a new light.

You need to sneak the sexy in. If you do something rash and completely out of character, like showing up at your friend’s doorstep unannounced in your birthday suit, with your private parts gift wrapped, chances are, in best case scenario, that your friend will just crack up laughing. In worst case scenario you will have ruined every shred of a relationship, and in either case scenario you will not have achieved what you were after.

It is better to build on the chemistry the two of you obviously have together, even though that chemistry is currently charged with friendship, it is still a strong foundation to build from.

Maybe you laugh a lot together. Well then you use that energy but you change venue; if you usually meet at the local bowling alley for a laugh and few beers, then treat your friend to a hot balloon ride instead. Disguise it as just another one of your crazy, fun ideas, but take advantage of the warm breeze and the beautiful views, watch the sun slowly set in the horizon and watch your friend start seeing you with different eyes.

Use whatever chemistry you have and just continue to sneak in a few drops of sexy here and there. Do not rush it. we know this can be painful to hear, as you get dizzy with desire every time you get a whiff of your friend’s perfume, but restraint is essential in this department. Take a cold shower and do what you need to do, because if you move to fast, you lose. You need the right timing, the right preparations and the right circumstances.

It is like Eminem said: you only get one shot. Make it count.