The Hump Guide – How To Please A Woman

Hookups Near Me South Africa
Hookups Near Me South Africa

This is really not some deeply hidden trade secret, nor is it a dilemma of a technical nature. First things first:

Learn how to read the mood. This is essential in any sexual encounter. Say you are meeting a woman that you have met through a dating site. Then you have probably already built up a substantial amount of sexual tension, as you have described your different fantasies and what you want to do with each other once you meet face-to-face. Or maybe body-to-body would be a more accurate description.

Since the brain is your number one sexual organ, the foreplay is already in full effect long before you even get the chance to scope each other out in real life. That is why a no-nonsense straight to the point hardcore fuck works so well in these instances.

So there are no ways around foreplay, but this should not be regarded as a punishment. Foreplay is something for both to enjoy, and it is not about the ABC of working your way from the nipples to the clit and back again. Although we seriously recommend you do some studying up on the female anatomy before trying your hands on a voluptuous Amazon. But remember that there is no such thing as a magic button, you can not just close your eyes and rub the clit for dear life, you have to build some kind of mood to begin with.

You have to first seduce her brain, and then her body will willingly follow and respond to whatever you put it through. Set any kind of mood, be it romantic, hardcore or exciting, just make sure you have a general mood as a foundation to build from. If you have that, technique and size comes second.

After all, lesbians enjoy and get off on sex as much as the straight woman- even more so some claim- but instead of feeling threatened by that fact, you could use it as a reassurance that everything does not come down to the size or shape of your precious little dick.

It is not a magic wand that you can just wave in the face of a woman and she will turn all wet. Unless, of course, you have set the right mood for that to happen.

Being skilled with your fingers and your tongue will definitely work to your advantage, but equally important is your imagination. She is not a car, so it is not sufficient to know all the parts if you are just mechanically going through the motions.

Combine your anatomy knowledge with passion and respect and then you can just ride on whatever emotional setting you have constructed as the basis of your sexual encounter. A quick shag can be just as right under certain circumstances as the tantra-style is during others.

To summarize this valuable lesson: to best satisfy a woman, have sex with her mind as well as her wet little snatch.