Discover How To Go From Shy Guy To Hot Stud

Women Looking For Sex In Johannesburg
Women Looking For Sex In Johannesburg

To put “Single Shy Adult” as a headline for your dating ad may not be something that you are interested in, at least not if you are looking for a response that goes beyond the sympathetic “awww”. But you want to be lost in lust and screw someone’s brains out, not be treated with the condescending compassion of a surrogate mother.

A person’s shyness usually becomes intensified in certain situations, not uncommonly are these situations related to the encounter with the opposite sex. Acting shy and awkward and unwilling to underline your strong points very well may be a factor unnecessarily prolonging your Facebook single status.

Signing up for an adult dating site can be a first step in overcoming your habitual shyness. Because a large portion of that condition is attached to over-thinking and over-analyzing situations. From the moment you sit down at the dinner table, your designated date sits at arm’s length looking a million bucks, your mind starts to race with all the possibilities of you messing this up before the bedroom action can begin.

Your shyness stems from the inability to relax, and you frequently get tangled up in racing through worst case scenarios in your head before the night has even begun, causing serious performance anxieties.

Now, we know that being in the moment is somewhat of a clich√©, but the old mantra of “Carpe Diem” is not only a great idea, it is actually something that you can train yourself into obtaining. But it is going to require hard work and a conscious effort on your part. That may sound a little paradoxical, as being in the moment is all about easing up on rationality and analysis and letting yourself go, but think of it from an athletes perspective: you train hard and focused with your mind set on that future date when you will hear the sound of the starting gun pop off.

During the course of training you analyze your every move into bits and pieces. You do this because when the moment comes you want every movement to be instilled into your muscle memory so you can let your body do all the work. Research show, when you think too much about what you are doing as an athlete during a race, you lose.

Our money is on, if you think too much on a first date, laboratory analyzers worldwide equipped with a couple of distilled drops of your chemical balance during the supposedly romantic rendezvous, would come to the same conclusion.

If you are one of those that think breathing exercises is a love potion- meaning a fake- then we strongly urge you to think again. Breathing right is essential in reaching a centered point of calm within yourself.

Also, with the help of an adult dating site, a lot of the pressure is off, as both of you have agreed to the date under the same conditions: you want to get laid. The whole “playing hard to get” stage is over and done with. She is a woman looking for sex, there is no two ways about it, so you can let go of that inner shyness and just be the hot stud you always knew you had in you.

Of course, practice makes perfect, and as hard as it can be to find a date in your office or at your local bar even, as easy is it to find one on an adult dating site. Here, people do not beat around the bush, and there is a jungle of horny women out there that are not all that interested in your conversational skills.