Spice Up Your Marriage – The Swinging 60’s Is Swinging Again

Local Sex Contacts South Africa
Local Sex Contacts South Africa

It does not matter whether or not you were alive at the onset of the 60’s and the sexual revolution that swept through country after country. Everybody has a pretty clear idea, at least in their own minds, of what it was all about. But what people in general do not tend to realize, is just how far that revolution reached.

It did not just involve longhaired hippies and the generation of youth subscribing to the flower power movement. As they protested against a rigorous system of hypocritical puritan values of the generations coming before them them, the sexual awakening they preached seeped in some way or another into almost every layer of hierarchy.

The middle class soon joined the caravan with the popularity of their key parties. Married, suburban couples showed up at the doorstep of the equally married host couple, all putting their car keys in a glass bowl before grabbing a pre-dinner drink.

All the couples then mingled around, from one couple to another, from one conversation to another. Talking about this and that, discussing the weather or what went on in the cubical landscapes of their offices. Everything was conducted in a very civilized and suburban way. But as the evening grew late, the sexual tension started to rise. Because see, this was not just your average run-of-the-mill party, it was a mere civilized front for a big swingers club.

When the ladies then made it for the door after saying their good-bye’s, they simple fished out a car-key from the glass bowl and whoever the proprietor of that key, was their designated company for the evening. This way of doing it of course had its downside, even if that was part of the excitement, to end up with the boring accountant or the man just so full of himself he was about to burst.

Now, the swingers theme is up and running again, fully operational and more popular than ever. A popularity largely contributed to the fact that there are so many adult dating sites offering a quick and convenient way of organizing a swingers exchange.

Furthermore, more and more couples are getting into it, discovering the sexual spice that this naughty activity brings into their marriage. With this massive supply of couples ready to change partners, nobody has to feel like they drew the shortest straw.

At a dating site you have the opportunity of carefully researching the couples that you are interested in, to make sure that the sexual encounter turns out to be everything that you wanted it to be.

The varieties are as many as there are different couples to choose from, and there are plenty of married couples testifying to the benefits the spice of the occasional swingers exchange has brought into their own sex-life. How it has been a breath of fresh air, and that the long lasting effects of the excitement has created a renewed kind of intimacy between them, and injected into their marriage something they now could never live without.