Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That – Why Is The No Strings Attached Affair So Enticing?

Looking For Sex South Africa
Looking For Sex South Africa

We humans tend to compartmentalize everything in our quest to having all things in life neatly stacked, structured and controlled. Which is, of course, the exact opposite of everything that great sex is all about. And yet, we bring that control freak tendency with us in all we do, applying it to our long-term relationships, as we view those as an important piece of the social puzzle, and we want them to fit in with our everyday routines.

Unfortunately, this has a highly negative impact on the sex-life in our long-term relationships, especially as years go by and the work needed to keep the flame alive is just drowned out by conformity and security. For a lot of people it seems almost a mission impossible to balance the wild, untamed desires of our animal urges, with the control and order we have implemented onto our relationship.

Which is why we so easily slump into a bored rut when it comes to committed relationships. We sacrifice lust and passion on the altar of security, only realizing too late that we might have made a deal with the devil.

This is where the no strings affair holds it allure, as it is anything but neatly ordered and controlled. It gives us a chance to shred ourselves out of the conveyer belt mentality and once again give in to the raw feeling of hot lust, where all that matters is to bury yourself in your animal urges and devour every sensual part of another human beings body.

The no strings affair is beyond the idea of rules and regulations, it gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to leave all conformity behind. It gives us the right to revert back to the animal instinct of raw sexuality that we are so desperately starved of, where the power of lust becomes overwhelming and blinding. Someone said that true love is blind, but that is not accurate; it is pure lust that is blind.

The promise of the no strings attached affair is the promise of a moment when consequence does not exist, when the hot and bothered housewife can totally emerge herself in the heat of the moment without guilt; where the cheating husband forgets about his responsibilities and stop seeing himself as a cheater; just being a human, with lusts and desires.

The no strings attached affair is a faceless screw, it is stripped of every complicated emotion, just riding high on a single one: pure passion. It is a meeting of the bodies, it is a meeting of fluids, touch, taste, but totally void of all thought.

This is what casual sex is all about and why we continue to need the no strings affair, since we are still by and large unable to maintain this pivotal passion in our long term relationships. The pure shag comes without history, it allows us to be purely sexual creatures without personality coming in the way.