It Is A Wonderful World – Fill It With Sex, Not Things

Sex Hookups South Africa
Sex Hookups South Africa

We have become increasingly dependent on the materialistic side of life. We think we need a new car, a new microwave oven or even a new house. We have been artificially infused with artificial cravings. The grass is always greener on the other side, and as we look at our neighbor with envy in our eyes as he steers his brand new lawn-mover over his perfectly cropped lawn, we would do ourselves a huge favor if we took a step back and try to get in touch with what is really important.

Every research made, shows that there is no connection to be made between material wealth and happiness. Now this can be provoking for some people to hear, as they struggle every day to make ends meet, and of course, the stress of being at the bottom rungs of society, where there is no room for the pursuit of happiness, only the hardcore pursuit of survival, this can be a hard fact to digest.

But unhappiness comes in many ways, shapes and forms, and few things can make you feel so lonely as to be surrounded with every single item that the industries of our society is telling you that you must have, and still feel totally empty and alone. Now the struggles and endeavors of the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich are not comparable. Life is hard, rough and unsafe at the bottom. But the total void of those ingredients can also create a sickening feeling of meaninglessness.

If we venture outside the capitalistic construction of modern societies, without idealizing their trials and tribulations, we can still see that there are alternative ways of structuring a community and the way everyday life is being conducted. Still, the underlying needs and emotions of people are the same. We need balance in the way our basic needs are met.

They go beyond mere survival. Yes, food and water is essential, but without some kind of activity that brings emotional joy and energy to our lives, we would surely whither up and die. Sex is not an optional side-dish, it is a necessity. We need to fuck, not only in order to feel alive, but to stay alive. This need cuts through every society, no matter how it is constructed and in what way it has managed to control its inhabitants.

In a tribe in the remote jungles of Borneo, you would be sure of finding a hell of a lot of fucking going on. They may have implicated their own rules and regulations on it, odd as they may seem to us, but you can be sure of it holding a central position in whatever society you might find and put under the magnifying glass.

But we in the “civilized” world have somehow almost managed to civilize away the natural act of sex. We have traded it in for a new wardrobe, we have been taught to restrain our passions, we have been taught that they are bad, wrong, yes even criminal in some places. We have tried almost every conceivable way, if not to totally smother our sex-drive, to at least control it up to the point until it loses its potent force.

Maybe, just maybe, things are a-changing. Our adult dating site is a step in the right direction. It is a site that celebrates life, lust and liberty. A site where people who has grown tired of being ashamed of their natural desires can meet and let their wicked fantasies run its full beautiful course. A site where the word “fucking” is not frowned upon, but that embraces it, wanting to share it with the world.