Learn How To Be A Successful Dirty Dog

Sex Dating South Africa
Sex Dating South Africa

We know this is a secret fantasy harbored by several do-it-by-the-books out there, but like with everything else in life, nothing comes without hard work. First of all, to become a successful dog, player, call it what you want, you need to be absolutely shameless. Taking that one step further, you have to take pride in the fact that the road you walk on is paved with broken hearts.

If you try to be a sneaky dog, chances are that you will just be regarded as a pervert. A real dog howls at the moon with the message of his most recent conquests. You have to work the doggyness into the backbone as to who you are, and if you truly manage that then you will be surprised with what people will let you get away with.

Things that would make your Average Joe at the very least verbally crucified, as a bonafied dog your indiscretions and misbehavior will more often than not be met by a shake of the head and a shrug of the shoulders, since after all, it is in your nature. You can not help it.

That said, you have to embrace the love-hate factor in this equation. Being a dog is not an epithet that will grant you the first prize in a popularity contest, although you will be loved and openly admired by a lot of people for the brutal honesty and shameless horniness that kind of goes with the turf of being a dog. But be advised, you will get more than your fair share of envy, jealousy and yes, even hatred.

To go against the grinds of society always comes attached with a price tag, but as a true dog you have to cherish that challenge. Besides, in most cases, the loathing is more an act than anything else. You can sleep sound at night knowing full well that most of the guardians of morality that condemn you, secretly want to be in your shoes. They may count their blessings, while you count the notches in your belt for all the conquests that you have had.

So when a group of women in your circle of friends gather together for a girls only dinner, the first topic of conversation is likely to be you, and what a despicable ass you are, what a dog, and that their husbands are so much better in every aspect. Well, maybe better in every aspect besides the one that is of concern to you, and between the girls they have no idea that you have already screwed half the room there, and the rest is on the waiting list.

Though the dog tag is still applied to the male species to a larger extent, the expansion of lesbians and bisexuals has also meant the expansion of the female dirty dog, and although there can be slight differences in certain cultural aspects, the basic gist of how to become a successful dirty dog applies to them to.

So the rewards of being a dog is a tribute paid in silence, the acknowledging nod from a former dog now whipped into submission, and of course the vivid memories of that long list of sexual encounters that just seems to keep growing.