The Rules Of Attraction- Find Out What Makes Us Tick

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The first rule of attraction is that there are no rules. Right? We try to impose all kinds of regulations to it, but they are all really the result of human intervention, and have less to do with the purity of the attraction in itself.

We think we are only attracted to a certain type of woman or a certain type of man, but a lot of times what we mistake for attraction turns out to be no more than the logical end-result of what we consider to fit into our lives on a social and status level.

Now, rational thought has nothing to do with attraction. Nor do the glossy magazines telling us what to look like and as an extension to that: what to be attracted to. So there is a whole industry feeding off our lack of knowledge of what is actually making us tick, trying to implement their own standards and succeeding to a certain extent, since human beings are pack animals and we tend to want to go with the flow.

But what the industry is interested in is selling more items of whatever it is that they are producing, that is their nature, but the kind of attraction they are trying to sell is manufactured. Attraction is never so neatly ordered and controlled, and it does not abide by herd mentality.

There are a million different things that can kick start that process of feeling aroused. It can be the smell of someone. We may not even register it on a conscious level, it is just someone walking by and we immediately know that we want that person.The power of that emotion goes beyond the exterior, and when that happens we should really try to open ourselves up to it instead of fighting against the current of attraction.

Attraction can also stem from a basic emotion. That emotion could be sheer horniness but it does not have to be. Attraction can grow out of joy, happiness, excitement, whatever, just as long as it is firmly grounded in a strong, basic feeling.

Naturally, the attraction can come from someone that is a sheer joy to watch. The body shape and the way someone carry themselves. But it is seldom perfection that we are after, and the physical attraction often stem from the smallest of details. The eyes, the neck, the mouth.

Someone’s voice could also be enough to get our juices flowing. Maybe it is the tone, the deep vibration, or the inviting laugh, but whatever it is, it is a feeling that grabs hold to us before we have the time to reflect upon it and analyze it to bits.

So try that. Go out and just let yourself be overflowed with different impressions, and try to discard that socially constructed voice of yours telling you what is “right” to be attracted to, and let your innermost instincts guide you to what in specific is attractive to you.