How To Score A Friend With Benefits

Single Women Looking For Men South Africa
Single Women Looking For Men South Africa

Maybe you have just recently been released from a suffocating relationship, and now all that lust that has been quenched during all these years come rushing forward full force. You enjoy your freedom, but you miss the regular humping. But every date that you have had since the break-up seems to be with a person who always is looking for something more.

Something “deeper” and more “meaningful”. You have a good mind to tell them just what deep and meaningful has gotten you for these past couple of years, but being the sweetheart that you are, you do not wish to burst their fragile bubble.

Now, finding a friend with benefits, among your own circle of friends and acquaintances is a task that can seem just a notch away from a mission impossible. There are often too many strings attached, it is like a spider-web, somebody that knows somebody, or the two of you have too much history in common in order for the sex-operation to run smoothly.

The best option for finding a no-nonsense potential friend with benefits, is definitely at an adult dating site. First of all, you will have so many options to choose from that a real life setting could not come close, if they did not host some kind of daily convention housing thousands upon thousands of horny participants.

But why bother when it is already available to you online? To be able to just cut straight through all the layers of social conduct and speak directly from your heart in a pick-up situation, is what a lot of people dream about being able to do.

The fantasy of just walking straight up to your potential catch of the night and lay all of your horniness out there for the world to see. And your designated catch of the night not getting insulted, but merely contemplating your offer in a reasonable manner before coming to an informed decision.

Does it sound like to good to be true? On an adult dating site, that is exactly what everybody else wants as well. There is no beating around the bush, just a bunch of horny people like yourself, looking for a way to turn their wicked fantasies into a sultry reality.

A quick lunchtime screw. Doing the dirty on a lazy afternoon. A threesome. A swingers date. You get the picture. Whatever you desire, it is all right there in front of you. The times of prowling the streets at night, stumbling from one bar to another, splashing out a fortune on drinks while getting more and more dizzy and desperate, only to eventually end up with someone we really wish we had not. Well, we are here to tell you that those days are over. There is a sexual revolution going on online. Why do you not join in?

We all have animal urges and sometimes we are not the slightest bit interested in the lovey-dovey relationship portrayed in mass fabricated romantic comedies, we are just after the steaming hot passion that comes with a no strings attached friend with benefits.