The Couples Diary – 5 Ways To Rekindle That Flame

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Local Hookups South Africa

For a lot of people being in a relationship is not all that it is cracked up to be. The routines of everyday life can feel like a giant machine, and you are just a cogwheel trying to fit into place. You can sit across from your partner at the kitchen table, in your mind reminiscing about the golden days of golden lust, but in the present you are too tired and worn out to feel any urge besides going back to sleep.

Well, do not worry, take us by the hand and let us gently guide you back to that feeling you had when all you two wanted to do was shag like rabbits.

1: If you have kids, get a babysitter. And get one on a regular basis. Make room for just the two of you at least once a month. If it is career that is occupying your senses twentyfour-seven, then remember that money can not buy love, and a great screw is priceless.

2: Take it in baby-steps. If your relationship has been in the rut for quite some time, adding the stress of a “must-have” sex date once a month will only prove to further stifle your natural lust. The urge has to come from within, and sex should never be just another chore to cross off your weekly schedule.

3: Be adventurous. Lure out the sex from the confines of the bedroom, and re-experience the fact that sex is so much more than just the old in-and-out. It is a part of everything, and the way you two are looking at each other is a good starting point. Bring some fire into your eyes again. You just need to hold a gaze a couple of seconds longer than normal in order for it to be highly effective, and will also set off a chain reaction in the recipient of the horny look.

4: Dress up. It does not have to take all that effort, and it does not mean that you immediately have to get rid of your favorite food-stained robe. It just means that you try to put on something special once a week, and that the first thing you do when you come home from work is not to shred out of the worker’s outfit for your loose, comfy stay-at-home overall.

5: Find an adult dating site. For real. You would be surprised how many couples that have experienced an explosion of emotions and energy and sexual desire once they have concluded to expand their horizons a little. You can start off with just seeing other people have sex to begin with if that will make you feel more comfortable and do not make the mistake of thinking that this is some kind of a cheat; attraction is not bound by morals and if you allow yourselves to feel it towards others, you will simultaneously tap in on that raw source of lust that you felt for each other to begin with.