Repressed Woman? Discover How To Embrace Your Sexuality

NSA Sex Dating South Africa
NSA Sex Dating South Africa

Remember that hit song back in the 90’s? “Free your mind, and the rest will follow”. That very sentence is a piece of timeless and valid advice that can be given and taken to the end of times. Your brain is your number one sexual stimulator. If your brain has been shot down to sexual opportunities and naughty fantasies for a long time, then no wonder that your body has followed suit.

Screw all social sexual taboos. Do it as an exercise in the sanctity and safety of your own home. Just lean back and try to let as many forbidden thoughts and fantasies just race through your mind, do not censor in any way, just let it flow. You have to squeeze the guilt and your inhibitions and whatever it is that is holding you back, out of the equation. These are poisonous factors, incubating your capability of sexual enjoyment.

Go outside your sphere. Sadly enough, we tend to eventually surround ourselves with people that generally confirms our view of the world, which is why we as adults often cement ourselves in our negative ways and dreary old habits. So venture out. This is the first step. Discover the passionate freedom that comes with being whoever you want to be.

Because that is in fact exactly what you are doing when you present yourself to a new world inhabited by new people with a fresh way of looking at things. You get to reinvent yourself, no longer shackled by the preconceived notions of old acquaintances that supposedly “knows” your character. You are left free to rediscover, and bring out into the light, all those traits and quirks and lusts that you have kept hidden, from both yourself and the world, for so long.

It is truly a sad state of affairs that we as a species have managed to brainwash ourselves into shrouding sex in a mist of guilt. The good news is, it is never too late to do something about it.

It is high time that heterosexual women took the words “loose women” and made it their own, just as homosexuals has done with fag, gay, lesbian. Instead of it being something shameful and a label to avoid at all costs, it should be transformed into a term describing the sexual empowerment of the modern woman.

A loose woman is not someone that screws around indiscriminately, a loose woman is a woman that is not afraid to take charge of her sexual desires and lusts, with the courage and self-respect to carry them through. Because respecting yourself is not about living in a fancy house all dolled up in designer outfits. Self-respect is about being true to yourself. To know what triggers you and what does not, and to act upon that knowledge.

Hereby, we dub the words “loose woman” to being a term of reinforcement and to be used as a guiding light in a female sexual revolution that serves to strip away the shame of sex and bring forth the joy, passion and pure lust.