Do You Need To Bring Sexy Back?

Women Looking For Men In SA
Women Looking For Men In SA

Most of us have experienced how that hot burning flame of lust we remember from our youth, can suddenly appear sequestered by the shackles of routine. At times, this condition might even have gone so far as to convince you that sex and lust are no longer two pieces of a pie that you have access to in your sexual refrigerator. You have grown to believe that you ate them a long time ago, and now they are gone forever.

This is never true. That is the good news. Sex and lust are, thankfully, two renewable sources of primal energy and they are as healthy for your skin, heart, body and soul as green energy is to the environment. The number of nutrients, vitamins, hormones and chemicals that are being released during a sexual act is an immediate injection directly into your bloodstream, a surge of Dr. Feelgood’s magic formula.

That we have managed to warp the benefits of such a physically rewarding as well as pleasurable act into something that still today remains somewhat shackled by the moral taboos of our supposedly enlightened society, is just another tribute to our unyielding capabilities of shooting ourselves in the foot.

So now that we have hopefully established that the art of sex, sucking and moaning are vital ingredients in our lives, not only as a naughty extra curricular, but as an essential cornerstone in our overall well-being, then how do we apply this lesson to the total lack of lust that you dear reader are suffering from?

First things first, stress is a major contributor of sucking out the energy of everything really, succinctly it has a heavily negative impact on your desires as well. You can and must do something to alleviate that stress, and normally sex is a helpful tool to turn to in this department but if you already have gone passed that stage you must find some breathing pockets in that hectic schedule of yours where you just get to sit down for a few minutes and do absolutely nothing.

Then we have the excitement factor. A lot of people have just bored every little of moist lust away when turning sex into just another one of your weekly, monthly, annual chores. This is the reason for why it has been such a boom in adultery dating sites: people may love their partner wholeheartedly, but the strict rules and regulations we force our sexual urges to abide by has smothered that forest fire into a flickering match.

Our traditional views in these matters are often so tangled up with old-school social constructions that we a lot of us have an issue with acknowledging that screwing someone and loving someone are two separate entities.

If you would try to rekindle the flame of your youth using the services of an adult dating site, you would actually do that relationship a huge favor by tapping in on the wavelength of the horny devils you once were. Get in there!