Screw Your Pain Away- A Scientific Truth

Women Looking For Fun South Africa
Women Looking For Fun South Africa

You may regard sex as just a tasty little side-dish to life’s buffet platter, but then you would do best to think again. A good lay is so much more then just a piece of delicious Belgian chocolate after a sturdy meal; it is actually to be considered as a standard member of our basic food groups.

With the human mind warped in such a way that anything that tastes, smells and feels too good can not possibly be nutritious as well, making it hard for us to truly take to heart the surge of both physical and mental benefits that follows the wildly flowing river of great sex.

Just as many of us still find it hard to believe just how much of an impact our general attitude and way of thinking really have on helping us recover from all types of diseases, ranging from the seasonal flu all the way up to the one’s that looms in the horizon with the possibility of a fatal outcome.

It is of course always a combination of the medical and the emotional, but the emotional is not just confined to thinking positive. It is not only a mental thing, as thinking positive and feeling good will generate hormones and chemicals that will aid you in the battle of whatever sickness you are trying to defeat. That is pure science, and not some hippie-inspired, New Age kind of deal.

In this area, screwing is an unsurpassed remedy against any and every condition, as the release of healthy chemicals is unparalleled by any laboratory designed drug you could dream of getting your hands on. Moving down the checklist, we can see clear evidence in its efficiency to battle depression as well. And by depression, we do not refer to the occasional whiff of feeling a little blue, a little sad and lonely. No, we mean the hard-hitting, unforgiving clinical condition.

This is actually a two-way street, as the lack of sex and sexual fulfillment can be a highly contributing factor in causing the depression to begin with.

It is not only the pure physical activity of pounding in-and-out that helps eliminate the harmful chemical side effects of stress and anxiety, it is all things sexually related. From masturbation to the underestimated art of flirtation. A flirt a day keeps the doctor away would be a more sufficient truism than the apple version.

So we are not only making ourselves a huge disfavor regarding the enjoyment of life when we constrain sex with so many social barriers, we are actually keeping our bodies from accessing a natural source of protection from harmful bacterias and chemicals.

If you are feeling down and out, sad and lonely or just plain a bit under the weather, cast your inhibitions aside and sign up for an adult dating site and start humping your pain away.